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The ozone levels are completely adjustable and controllable by simple adjustment of the following two controls (different than the EXT50 Ozone Generator):

1. The Oxygen Flow Rate: This is the speed at which the oxygen enters the ozone generator. Increase the flow rate and the oxygen spends less time in the ozone generator, therefore producing less ozone. Slow down the flow rate, and the oxygen spends more time in the ozone generator, therefore producing more ozone.

2. The dial on the Ozone Generator: This dial from 1 through 10 on the ozone generator, speeds up and slows down the speed at which the electrical field flashes on and off, around the double walled glass tube. Increase the frequency of the flashing (by turning the dial up from 1 towards 10) and you increase the amount of ozone that is produced. Decrease the frequency(by turning the dial down towards 1), and you decrease the amount of ozone that is produced. By using this dial on the ozone generator, you may choose between 10 different ozone concentrations at each oxygen flow rate. This provides you with precision contro, outstanding safetyl, and 50 ozone concentrations from which to choose!

EXT120 Briefcase Ozone Generator System

High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications

The EXT120 Ozone Generator is an extremely cost effective ozone generator that incorporates Longevity's next generation all digital "NEOS Technology", the highest quality in North America and Lifetime Warranty, all available to you at an extremely affordable price (about the price of a daily cup of coffee). The EXT120 is available as a Portable Briefcase Ozonation System, A Table Top Stand or Wall Mount System, or any custom system you would like to create to suit your budget.

Where is it made? How can I trust you?:
The EXT120 is designed and Manufactured right here in North America (not China!) using the finest components and workmanship. While every company will tell you that, Longevity Resources Inc. has taken steps to provide you with a 'window' into our manfuacturing practices and products. How? The EXT120 fully inspected right down to the very wires used to connect the components, and rigorously tested by QAI Laboratories to manufacturing Standards originaly published by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and UL (Underwriter Laboratories USA).

If a product can pass this rigorous testing and thorough inspections to be awarded with QAI Certification, then you know you can trust the Safety and Professional Manufacturing of the product.

What does this mean? This means you don't have to take our word for it. That 'second set of eyes' on the EXT120 will provide you with the proof you need to make your purchase in confidence. (See the QAI website at Search for Longevity in the Listing Directory under "Electrical Products").

What can the EXT120 Ozone Generator be used for? How Long will it last?
The EXT120 is designed for all medical / dental / laboratory research applications. It is a full featured ozone generator that enables you to perform any and all ozone protocols, and is designed litterally to last a Lifetime! Longevity began manufacturing the first generation EXT120 Ozone Generators 20 years ago and they are still in use today!

The extended ozone output concentration range and pure ozone output means use can use it for any and all applications. Those of you familiar with the ozone output terminology will be thrilled to hear it gives you access to the full concentration range, from below 1 ug/ml (considered 'micro-dosing') to one of the highest ozone concentrations in the world, 120 ug/ml.

Is the Ozone Pure? Yes! Longevity is the only company to have proven our Ozone Purity through Laboratory Testing....
The EXT120 Ozone Generator also includes Longevity's Legendary 100% Quartz Glass Electrode, known as being capable of providing the purest ozone in the world because the ozone is never in contact with ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, glues, resins, nor any other material that would otherwise contaminate the ozone. Therefore you are provided with simply the purest ozone possible.

The EXT120 Ozone Generator offers enhanced digital precision and quality with Longevity's NEOS(TM) Technology while maintaining an affordable price. It is a small, portable, light weight oxygen fed ozone generator for all applications.

From complete Briefcase and Wall Mount Package, ProPackages, Vet Packages, to custom packages for those of you on a budget we can offer you as many or as few accessories as you like. Take a look at our "What's Included" section for more information. Or simply email Longevity, or call us Toll Free 1-877-543-3398 right now, tell us what you want to do with your ozone and we would be happy to help you. (International 001 250 654 0092)

Full List of Features. No one else can offer you the following full list of features:

Lifetime Warranty against burn out - the EXT120 Ozone Generator runs at only 10% of its capacity. That means we could put 10 times more power through it and it would still run perfectly fine. This is why our customes have 20 year old ozone generators that are still operating just fine. Our technology also produces no heat, no sparking therefore "burn out" is impossible. See our Lifetime Warranty.

No Metal - our cold corona double-walled quartz glass tube ensures oxygen and ozone only come into contact with glass (which is 100% ozone resistant); no metal, no ceramic, no plastic, no rubber, no glues, no resins, or any other materials that would otherwise add contaminants to the ozone. Longevity's ozone generators are the ONLY ozone generators in North America to use double walled quartz glass electrodes an no metal!

Pure ozone output - since the ozone only comes into contact with 100% ozone resistant materials, the ozone that the EXT120 Ozone Generator produces is pure, completely free of metals and completely free of nitrogen by-products. We've proven it with our "Proof of Purity Test"...the only ozone generator company in the world to have done so.

Toll Free Customer Support Service - Longevity Resources Inc. toll free customer support service is legendary in the Ozone Industry. Our intelligent, friendly, patient Customer Support Staff can assist you with all of your questions about ozone and ozone generators. This service is always free for our customers, and never 'expires'. After your purchase you may call Customer Support any time (for free!) as many times as you need an our staff would be happy to answer your questions about ozone

Extremely Easy to Use - our ozone generators come with complete owner's manuals, with diagrams and photos to ensure easy operation of your new ozone generator. If you need help, just call us on our toll free customer support line!

Full range of ozone concentrations so it can be used for all applications (below 1ug/ml - 120ug/ml). You may choose from 90 different ozone concentrations within this range. Since our ozone generators provide such a wide range of ozone concentrations, you can use them for anything you would like to do with ozone now and in the future.

High Quality and Professional Manufacturing - You don't have to blindly take our word for it that our products are high quality. Longevity Resources Inc. is known for ozone systems that run reliably for 20 years or more, that alone being unheard of quality and the purchase of a Longevity Resources Inc a great investment.

Longevity has also submitted each of our ozone generators to QAI Laboratories for detailed inspections and testing. QAI has also fully inspected the Longevity factory and continue to do so several times per year. Passing these tests and inspections has earned Longevity Resources' ozone generators QAI Certification to CSA and UL Standards, proving these products have passed all of the Safety testing and factory inspections.

In a sea of endless ozone generators on the market, most of them home made or made in China, our QAI (or ETL, CSA, or UL) Certification is your assurance that you are choosing the right product!

100% Ozone resistant internal components: glass electrode, Teflon tubing, no metals: you get only pure contaminant free ozone

Competitive Pricing: Longevity's Ozone Generators are the most cost effective ozone generators on the world market today due to the fact that they offer you unparallelled and proven quality, reliability, pure contaminant free ozone....all at a price that everyone can afford. Prices start at only $850.00. For a pure output ozone generator with quartz glass electrode and pure ozone output that is phenomenal....especially considering Longevity ozone generators are designed to last a lifetime. Ozone Generators manufactured 20 years ago are still in operation today.

The EXT120 Ozonation System is clearly "the most flexible, versatile, portable, and highest quality ozone system on today's market".

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