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Diamond Quality Products

Can You Tell a High Quality Diamond from a Poor Quality Diamond Just by Looking at It?
How About an Ozone Generator?

Southern Star Scientific: Proof of Quality

The Quality and Reliability of Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generators has Been Proven by 26+ Years of Proven Reliability, plus by Rigorous Independent Laboratory Testing.

Southern Star Scientific "Legendary Longevity" brand of ozone generator have fully inspected (inside and out), and rigorously tested by Independent Laboratories.

These independent laboratories, both ETL and QAI (Quality Auditing Institute) completely disassembled our ozone generators, inspected not only the components but also the way in which all components are connected together. They also tested each product under insanely rigorous conditions, far more severe conditions than our products will ever experience in your hands, to see if they can operate under these torturous conditions. They even inspected the factory and how our engineers were producing the ozone generators.

These many years of inspections and testing are your PROOF that even under rigorous testing conditions and many years of use, Southern Star Scientific ozone generators not only survive the the testing but will serve you well for many, many years to come.

Southern Star Scientific's "Legendary Longevity" line of ozone generators already has a 26+ Year reputation for being extremely high Quality and Reliable products. Buy a "Legendary Longevity" Ozone Generator, the EXT50 Pulsar, EXT120 Ozone Generator, EXT120-T Ozone Generator, The Quantum 3, or the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator and you will be equipped with a high quality reliable ozone generator. We have the proof that no other company has...PROOF that you are making the right choice in investing in a Southern Star Scientific "Legendary Longevity" Ozone Generator today, to ensure a reliable source of Ultra Pure Ozone for years to come. Now that's Diamond quality.

Southern Star Scientific's: Proof of Purity


Think about what you are planning to do with the ozone from the ozone generator you purchase and I am sure you will agree: Proof of Purity is Essential.

Why is it then that Southern Star Scientific's "Legendary Longevity" line of Ozone Generators are currently the only Ozone Generators in the world with a "Proof of Purity Report" for our ozone? It is because Proven Pure "Legendary Longevity" Ozone Generators' Ozone is made possible by the fact that only Southern Star Scientific uses a 100% Double Quartz Glass Electrode to make the ozone. You see, Quartz glass is 100% ozone resistant, and therefore does not add any contaminants to the ozone that are commonly produced by other electrodes made of materials such as ceramic, steel, stainless steel,  and the other plastics, rubber, glues, resins that hold those electrodes together.

Our customers have been choosing the "Legendary Longevity" ozone generators for over 26 years because we provide you with Proof of Purity, Proof of Quality and Proof of Precision. Southern Star Scientific exceeds the International Standards for Ozone Generators to bring you quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

You now have the assurance that you are making the right decision when buying a Southern Star Scientific "Legendary Longevity" Ozone Generator.

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Southern Star Scientific Precision

When purchasing an Ozone Generator you need to ensure, ahead of time, that the ozone generator will provide you with accurate ozone concentrations. Southern Star Scientific's Ozone Generators do just that!

Proof of Precision of the Ozone Concentrations go hand in hand with our Proof of Quality, and Proof of Purity. You need to ensure that your ozone generator produces Precise Ozone Output Levels to ensure that you will achieve the great success with ozone that our other customers enjoy.

Precision Ozone Concentrations are delivered with your purchase of any Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generator, and made possible by our NEOS™ Technology driven circuits and Quartz Glass Electrode. Also, each Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generator is tested in our Laboratory post production to confirm accurate ozone output. Our oxygen regulators are also tested to ensure accurate oxygen flow rates. Mated together the accurate oxygen regulator flow combined with stable NEOS Ozone Technology ensures you are producing accurate ozone concentrations.

Unparalleled Precision Ozone Output levels are provided by every Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generator. We exceed the international standards for accuracy to bring you peace of mind. Relax, you're with Southern Star Scientific now.

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