The Most Technologically Advanced Ozone Generators in the Industry

The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator


Longevity brings you an advanced NEOS™ Technology driven Ozone Generator for Proven Purity (you'll receive the report), "Industry Best" Precision and Proven Quality through QAI (Quality Auditing Institute). Hands down the leading ozone generator in the North American and World Ozone Industry.


Sleek, tidy, like scientific equipment should be. The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator will complement any scientific environment with subtle elegance. Futuristic in every way, you can't help but stare.


"On Demand" Ozone Port on the front panel releases ozone only when you push the "Port Control" switch or depress the Remote Control Foot Pedal (for hands free operation). The Internal Ozone Destruct destroys ozone internally when the system is 'idling'.

Quantum 5 Ozone Generator-trans-900


...Proof of Pure Ozone provided on our Purity Report, Proof of High Quality (25+ Reputation for Reliability), Tested and Certified to CSA and UL Standards, Proof of Ozone Concentration Precision. Yes..Breathe a sign of relief with Longevity Ozone Generators! 


In 1995 we set out to build Ozone Generators that last a Lifetime. Today...Longevity Ozone Generators are still in use 25+ years after they were purchased. Now THAT's Reliability and Quality! Buy one ozone generator, then buy another only if you need to expand. That's Value!



Longevity's QUANTUM 5 OZONE GENERATOR Provides the most advanced ozone technology in the world today at a price that is within easy reach of any professional. LONGEVITY'S unique Quartz Glass Electrode Guarantees "ULTRA PURE OZONE" in the range of 1ug/ml to 120 ug/ml, the widest range in the world. Proven Purity, Proven Quality, and Proven'll find it all in the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator.

Safe, easy, accurate delivery of the ozone is guaranteed by the front panel mounted "On Demand" Ozone Output Port. You control the release of the ozone using the panel mounted Toggle Switch. When precision volumes of ozone are required, the Port allows the direct attachment of a Luer Lock style syringe. Simply attach the Syringe, flip the switch, and watch as the syringe fills itself to the desired volume. Releasing the switch stops the ozone flow and directs it to an 'On-board' Ozone Destruct Unit which will then destroy any ozone gas that is being created to ensure that none of that gas enters the room around you. If you need to transport a higher volume of gas to another location, simply attach and fill a higher volume ozone resistant bag, or, simply attach an ozone resistant silicone hose to the Ozone Output Port and direct the ozone right to the place where you need it.

The Quantum 5 is manufactured in North America using North American Components, design, and workmanship. By combining the unique qualities of leading edge design and engineering, the highest quality components available in the world, and manufacturing in our QAI (Quality Auditing Institute) inspected factory setting, Longevity Resources Inc. has once again set the "Gold Standard" for quality ozone systems. No wonder Longevity ozone generators have the reputation of running reliably for over 20 years!

We display our commitment to quality and safety with our Proven Quality Approval (through QAI) to CSA and UL Standards, our Proven Purity Test, and our Proven Precision. We display our commitment to you the customer through our Lifetime Warranty, and our phenomenal reputation for providing unequaled Customer Support. You'll be happy you teamed up with Longevity!


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A 20+ Year industry reputation for reliability and the best Testimonials in the industry. Rigorous testing and inspections by an independent laboratory and Certified to North American CSA & UL Standards. Further testing certified to European CE Standards! Without a shadow of a doubt you know the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator is extremely high quality and reliable. 


All companies are claiming that their ozone is pure. Do they have proof? Longevity is the only company, in the world (!) to prove that our ozone is pure! Independent laboratory testing proves, without a doubt, only the highest level of purity. This level of purity is only possible due to the fact that only Longevity uses a 100% Quartz Glass lined Electrode which ensures the ozone never touches any metal, ceramic, rubber, plastic, glues, resins, nor any other material that would otherwise contribute contaminants to the ozone gas.


Each Quantum 5 Ozone Generator is tested for Ozone Output using the Oxygen Regulator that is being provided with the ozone generator. This gives the Ozone Output Report an unequaled level of precision, taking into account that no two Oxygen Regulators are identical. Premium Ozone Technology (see below) ensure that you can trust that the Ozone Concentration levels will remain accurate long term.


International Experts at the ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone) state publicly that the "Best material from which to make ozone electrodes is Quartz Glass". Ozone destroys all metals, ceramics, plastics, rubber, glues, resins and the byproducts of that destruction contaminate the ozone. Quartz Glass is 100% ozone resistant which enables us to avoid all contact with those other materials and guarantee you Pure Ozone!


Longevity is committed to providing you with only the highest quality electrical components coupled with state of the art circuit designs to create NEOS Technolgy - the most advanced ozone technology available in the world today. This magic combination of quality components and cutting edge design ensures reliable worry free operation of your ozone system for many years to come. That's the Longevity way!


Longevity's Quantum 5 and Quantum 3 are the only North American ozone generators on the market with "On Demand" Ozone Output Ports. No ozone escapes the port until you activate the port by depressing the Toggle Switch, or by activating the Remote Control Foot switch. Whether you are filling a syringe, a bag, or sending the ozone to the destination through attached tubing, YOU are in complete control!


The Quantum 5 Ozone Generaotor offers the widest range of ozone concentrations in the world providing over 90 choices of "Micro Ozone" levels of less than 1 ug/ml through to an amazing 120 ug/ml ozone concentration. Rest assured you will be able to perform any ozone protocol from anywhere in the world. 


After more than 20 years in business, you can certainly earn a reputation! Longevity is known for "Legendary Customer Support". Our focus on providing clear, friendly, customer support has earned us the reputation of taking exceptional care of customers. You are not alone, as our Customer Support Team are always here to assist you with your questions with no expiry date, and no charge.


Longevity includes a Lifetime Warranty on our 100% Quartz Glass Electrode against any burn out or manufacturing defects, plus a 5 Year Warranty on all other electrical components. With ozone generators on the market that have been operating reliably for over 20 years without fail, you know you can trust a Longevity ozone generator to serve you well.




Start Simple; Build Your System as You Need More Accessories

The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator "Basics" Package

The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator: Customization to Your Needs and Your Budget

  • Quantum 5 Ozone Generator: QAI (Quality Auditing Institute) Proven Quality, Proven Purity, Proven Precision
  • Produces up to 120 ug/ml, Includes "On Demand" Panel Mount Syringe Port with Remote Control Foot Pedal, Built in Digital Timer, Internal Ozone Generator (to destroy the ozone that is created when the ozone generator is 'idling').
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Oxygen Regulator

Longevity Product Specialists can assist you to add any Ozone Accessories you may need, to create a custom package that suits your exact requirements and budget. Call or Email Longevity today for more information and pricing!

Complete All Protocols with a "Complete" Ozone System

The Quantum 5 "Complete" Ozone System Packages

The Quantum 5 Complete Ozone System Package

  • Quantum 5 Ozone Generator: QAI (Quality Auditing Institute) Proven Quality, Proven Purity, Proven Precision
  • Produces up to 120 ug/ml, Includes "On Demand" Panel Mount Syringe Port with Remote Control Foot Pedal, Built in Digital Timer, Internal Ozone Generator (to destroy the ozone that is created when the ozone generator is 'idling').
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • Front Panel Mounted "On Demand" Syringe Port
  • Foot Pedal Remote Control
  • Internal Ozone Destruct Unit
  • Tubing Accessories Package
  • 1000ml Glass Flask for making Ozonated Water
  • Turbo Ozone Destruct Unit (to destroy offgassing ozone)
  • Any Other Accessories to suit your needs are available => Ask one of our Product Specialists for Help Choosing What you need!

Longevity Product Specialists can easily and quickly customize this or any of our packages to ensure that you have an ozone system that meets your exact needs, and your budget. Call or Email Longevity today for pricing and / or for assistance in creating a custom package. We are here to help you!




On Demand Ozone Port!

Special Features!

"On Demand" Ozone Output Port right on the front panel. No cumbersome external equipment necessary! Attach a Syringe, Bag, or Tubing to the front Panel and Release Ozone only when you need it by depressing the Toggle Switch, or Remote Foot Pedal. includes built in Ozone Destruct!

Proven Quality!

Quality & Safety Approvals

All companies will tell you their products are high quality. But where's the proof? Longevity is unique with Proven Quality earning a 20+ Year Reputation for Reliability. Rigorous testing and laboratory inspected by and Certified to North American CSA and UL Electrical Standards. CE Approved to European Electrical Standards. Longevity obsess about you don't have to...and we prove it so you can feel comfortable and confident with a Longevity purchase.

Purest Ozone the world!

Quartz Glass Electrode

International unbiased experts from the say: "The best material from which to make ozone electrodes is Quartz Glass". At Longevity, we agree. Longevity's electrodes are double walled quartz glass! This allows the ozone to avoid all contact with materials that would otherwise add contaminants to the ozone, like metals, ceramics, glues and resins. Longevity's Quartz electrodes are the ONLY way to create truly "pure ozone" free of contaminants - and we've proven that with our purity report.

Best Warranty in Industry

Best in Class Warranty

5 Year Warranty on the body of the sauna, 3 Year Warranty on electronics. 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Longevity pays all shipping for components that qualify for warranty replacement. 30 Day Money Back Return Policy. (See details when purchasing).

We're Here to help!

Legendary Customer Support

After more than 20 years in business, Longevity staff have earned a reputation for providing Legendary Customer Support. Friendly staff are always available to help you with your questions about using the Hyperthermic Chamber, no charge, no expiry date...just smiles and help in answering questions, and any help you need in setting up or using your new equipment! Call us when you have questions, free of charge and with no expiry date for all of our customers.

Here to help!

Friendly Product Specialists

Longevity's Product Specialists are not sales agents and don't make commissions. They simply, and sincerely help you to find the right product for your needs, at the right price to fit your budget. Warning: Friendly banter with our staff may result in you laughing and havnig a good time!

Fits Everywhere

Dimensions = Small Size!

4" H x 7" Wide x 13" Long (102 mm Hx 184mmW x 330mm L) Small but mighty! One of the smallest Table Top Ozone Generators in the world.

Strong Lightweight

Product Weight

Weighing in a only 7 pounds (3 kgs) the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator is ideal for Table Top use, mount it on any shelf on the wall, mount it vertically on the wall, or place on a shelf on a movable cart or pole. 

Worldwide Power

Power Requirements

110 - 120 Volt AC 60 Hz 0.4 Amps. Also 220 - 240 Volt 50 Hz 0.2 amps. Use the Quantum 5 in any country in the world. Lowest amperage on the market, lowest electricity consumption => runs cool, accurate, and inexpensively.

All Metal Cabinet!

Cabinet Construction

All metal cabinet not only acts as shielding from any and all EMF fields but is also extremely durable and high quality. No cheap plastic here!

Choose any Accessories!

Customize to your Needs and Budget!

Longevity manufactures the widest range of high quality Ozone Accessories on the world market today. Customize your Ozone Package to include the accessories that suit your needs!

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Destinations

We ship all of our products Worldwide on a daily basis. Product is in stock and ready to ship immediately to all worldwide destinations. Order today!

Call or Email Longevity Today for More Information, Pricing, and to Purchase

Longevity Staff are "Product Specialists" not "Sales Agents". They are here to answer questions and guide you to the products that suit your needs, and your budget. Just friendly discussion that we guarantee you will enjoy. This is what we call our Legendary Longevity Service that people have loved for over 20 years.