At NASA it really IS rocket science so only the best ozone generators will do...Longevity's EXT120-T Ultra Ozone System.

  • NOAA

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration conducts planetary Earth Science projects with Longevity's EXT120-T Ultra Ozone Generators (6 of them!)

  • Gerson

    We are honored that Longevity's Ozone Generators are the "Official" Ozone Generators of the Gerson Institute. They've publicly said that Longevity Ozone Generators are #1 in the World! Thank you Gerson!

  • CalTech

    California Institute of Technology conducts science research that requires UltaPure Ozone at precision concentrations; only Longevity's Ozone Generators will do

  • MIT

    MIT demands the best as they are advancing knowledge in Science and Technology, with Longevity's Ozone Generators of course.

  • NIST

    The focus of NIST is on advanced measurement science, technological standards, and high quality technology. We are thrilled they chose Longevity Ozone Generators over all others.

  • Brookhaven

    Over 6,000 scientists on site and awarded 7 Nobel Prizes; Longevity is honored to be chosen to supply our EXT and Quantum ozone generators.

  • Rutger's University

    Precision Ozone Studies require precision ozone generators = Longevity's Quantum 5 Ozone Generator.

  • Colorado State

    Colorado State's Precision oxidative studies require precision ozone generators. They chose Longevity's EXT120-T Ultra Ozone Generator.

  • Detroit Mercy

    Detroit Mercy is one of the most respected Universities in the world, and they chose the most respected ozone generators for oxidative research =>Longevity's Quantum 3 Ozone Generator.

  • Kent State

    Kent State's Technical Science projects require ultimate precision, only available from Longevity's EXT120-T Ultra Ozone Generators, Precision Ozone Concentrations, Purity, Quality.

  • Boeing

    Boeing is the world's largest Aerospace Company, what a thrill for Longevity that they chose Longevity Quantum 5 Ozone Generators for their precision oxidation research!

  • Zeiss

    The world's leading optics and semi-conductor corporation, Zeiss, needed pure and precision ozone for oxidation research. They purchased 21 of Longevity's EXT120 Ozone Generators to outfit their worldwide laboratories. Thank you Zeiss!

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