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The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator

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Something Different! TWO (2) Ozone Output Ports! It's almost like having 2 Ozone Generators in one!
The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator, winner of the "Best Product of the Year" award at Dental Product Shopper, is designed to produce UltraPure Contaminant Free Ozone for any and all ozone protocols, and is the ONLY ozone generator on the market with 2 Ozone Output Ports for added value and convenience. It is the only Ozone Generator you will ever need. The Quantum 3 was first released in 2009 and over the past 14 years has been proven high Quality and extremely Reliable, with "Legendary Longevity"!

(The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator is available to all countries around the world but is not available in Canada.)


Unique! This is like having two ozone generators in one! Take care of two ozone protocols at the same time without disconnecting from the generator. For example ozonate water with the Bypass and still have the main "Ozone Port" free for another applications!


"On Demand" Ozone Port on the front panel releases ozone only when you push the "Port Control" switch or depress the Remote Control Foot Pedal (for hands free operation). The Second Port (Syringe Bypass) is also available for all protocols.

Quantum 3 Ozone Generator by Longevity Resources Inc.


Southern Star Scientific's 100% Quartz Glass Electrode produces pure ozone free of contaminants because glass ensures the ozone never touches any metal, ceramics, plastic, rubber, glues, nor resins. We have Proof of Purity through independent laboratory testing. Isn't PURITY what it's all about? You have it with the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator.


In 1996 our Engineering team set out to build Ozone Generators that last a Lifetime. Today... "Longevity" line of Ozone Generators are still in use 26+ years after they were purchased. Now THAT's Reliability and Quality! Buy one ozone generator, then buy another only if you need to expand. That's Value!

Quantum 3 Ozone Generator...with Two (2) Ozone Output Ports!

...Almost like having 2 Ozone Generators in One! While One Ozone Output Port is occupied for one application, the "On/Off Port" remains available for you for other applications...

Two Ozone Output Ports make Southern Star Scientific's Quantum 3 Ozone Generator the most versatile Ozone Generator on the world market today. While the "Bypass" ozone output port is in use for a 'long term' ozone protocol such as ozonation of oils, the "On/Off Port" remains available for you to access pure ozone any time. The Safe, easy, accurate delivery of the ozone is guaranteed by the front panel mounted "On Demand" Ozone Output Port. The ozone is only released when you depress the "Release" toggle switch or depress the Remote Foot Switch. Talk about convenience and accuracy, the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator has both!

The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator is manufactured in North America (not China!) using North American Components and workmanship, incorporating the world's most advanced ozone engineering and design...a winning combination. With the reintroduction of the "Longevity" line of ozone generators Southern Star Scientific has once again set the "Gold Standard" for quality ozone systems. We have proven wonder the Southern Star Scientific "Longevity" line of ozone generators are so popular....they have the reputation of running reliably for over 25 years! Now That's "Legendary Longevity"!

We display our commitment to you, our valued customer, through our Lifetime Warranty on the Quartz Glass Electrode, and our phenomenal reputation for providing unequalled Customer Support. You'll be happy you teamed up with Southern Star Scientific! Welcome to the family!

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Check Out These


Longevity Resources Inc. Quantum 5 Ozone Generator Complete System

More Accessories Means You Can Do More!

The Quantum 3 "Complete" Ozonation System

The Quantum 3 Complete Ozonation System comes with accessories to ensure you can perform virtually all of the popular ozone application methods.

  • Quantum 3 Ozone Generator with 2 Ozone Output Ports, Built in Timer, "On Demand" Ozone Output Port, and access to 1 - 120 ug/ml Ozone Concentrations
  • Remote Control Foot Pedal (to remotely control the release of ozone from the "Output Port")
  • Oxygen Tank (To ensure purity of the ozone for your research application, it is best to use either industrial or medical grade oxygen, which are both over 99% pure oxygen. Using dry air is possible, however you are then using only 21% oxygen so ozone output levels will be lower, plus you are introducing any byproducts or contaminants that may be in the air, into the ozone you are creating. For all these reasons, it is best to use oxygen.)
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • Tubing Accessories Package
  • 1000ml Glass Flask for Ozonating Water
  • Turbo Ozone Destruct Unit (to destroy offgassing ozone)
  • 50ml Glass Bubbler (for 'humidifying' the ozone)
  • 50ml Glass TRAP (to protect the ozone generator from "backflow")
  • Choose Briefcase Carrying Case OR Plexiglas Stand (for Table Top or Wall Mount)

There are countless uses for ozone! Southern Star Scientific Product Specialists are happy to speak with you to help you to customize this or any of our Ozone Generator Packages to ensure that you have a package that meets your needs, and your budget. Our Product Specialist have been in the Ozone industry longer than any other company in North America, since 1996!!. Feel free to call our office or email any time for assistance in customizing any package. Our team is here to help you.

Start With Just a Few Accessories; Add More When You Need Them!

The Quantum 3 "Basics" Ozonation System

The Quantum 3 "Basics" Ozonation System comes with just the "Starter" Accessories; Build Your Own System or Add More When You Need Them:

  • Quantum 3 Ozone Generator with 2 Ozone Output Ports, Built in Timer, "On Demand" Ozone Output Port, and access to 1 - 120 ug/ml Ozone Concentrations
  • Remote Control Foot Pedal (to remotely control the release of ozone from the "On Demand Port")
  • Turbo Ozone Destruct Unit
  • Oxygen Tank - Optional - Obtain your own or purchase one from Longevity Resources Inc.
    The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator is designed to produce extremely precise ozone concentrations. However in order to do so, it must be fed with a source of pure oxygen. Keep in mind that air has only 21% oxygen, and 78% nitrogen, therefore the concentration or amount of ozone you can produce with only 21% oxygen (air) is far lower than the concentrations you can produce when using purified oxygen (which is virtually 100% oxygen). To also ensure the purity of the ozone you create (with no contaminants), you should use a pure source of oxygen, again either industrial or medical grade oxygen.
  • Oxygen Regulator

There are countless uses for ozone! Southern Star Scientific's Product Specialists are happy to speak with you to help you to customize this or any of our Ozone Generator Packages to ensure that you have a package that meets your needs, and your budget. Our staff are selected for this position at our company because they love helping people, are patient, and kind. Feel free to call our office or email any time for assistance in customizing any package. Our team is here to help you.

Longevity Resources Inc. Quantum 3 Ozone Generator

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Every single Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generator is Safety and Quality Tested to North American and European Safety and Quality Standards! Ongoing rigorous testing and inspections of our products and facilities since 1996 proves to you, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator is extremely high quality and reliable. No wonder customers have found our ozone generators last 26+ years without fail!


Southern Star Scientific is the only company, in the world (!) that has 3rd Party Laboratory Proof that our ozone is pure! We didn't just bubble ozone through water and test it as if it was drinking water. That's not sensitive enough for our customers who need truly "contaminant free" ozone. We did it the right way.... Independent testing by a "Nano" laboratory using a test so sensitive it can detect contaminants down to billionths of a microgram proved, without a doubt, only the highest level of purity and no contaminants. This level of purity is only possible due to the fact that only Southern Star Scientific uses a 100% Quartz Glass Electrode which ensures the ozone never touches any metal, ceramic, rubber, plastic, glues, resins, nor any other material that would otherwise contribute contaminants to the ozone gas. Now THAT's guaranteed purity!


Each Quantum Ozone Generator is tested for Ozone Output using accurate oxygen flow rates. Couple that with the fact that the Gold Standard Oxygen Regulators mated with the ozone generator are also ultra accurate gives you the accurate ozone output levels that you require. We provide a level of precision that far exceeds all other ozone generators on the world market. Couple this with Premium Ozone Technology (see below) we use in every ozone generator, ensures that you can trust that the Ozone Concentration levels will remain accurate long term => That is the confidence in performance that you need.


International Experts at the ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone) state publicly that the "Best material from which to make ozone electrodes is Quartz Glass". Ozone destroys all metals, ceramics, plastics, rubber, glues, resins and the byproducts of that destruction contaminate the ozone. We avoid any contact of the product ozone gas with these potentially toxic materials by using Quartz Glass Electrodes, which is 100% ozone resistant. What does this mean? Quite simply...this fact coupled with our Purity Test from the Nano laboratory, Proves without a doubt that our ozone is pure and contaminant free. In short => That's the confidence that you need.


How many North American Ozone Generators have won awards? ONE! The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator won "Best Product of the Year" from "Dental Product Shopper", North Americas largest dental product review magazine. It's used by thousands of dentists in the USA who rated it higher in quality, reliability, and results, than any other product in their office with an "Overall Satisfaction" score of 4.9 out of 5 (98%!!).


"It's almost like getting 2 ozone generators in 1". The Quantum 3 is the only ozone generator in the world with 2 Ozone Output ports which doubles your access to ozone. For example, if you are busy with a long term ozonation (such as ozonation water or another fluid) on one port and you need to fill a smaller container with ozone, no problem...the secondary "On/Off Port" is still available for you to access the ozone you need, without disconnecting the primary port that is in use for your ozonated water. Double Ozone Ports = Double Protocols = Double Convenience!


There will come a time when you would like to release ozone from the Output Port but your hands or full, or you are wearing gloves and your hands are sterile. How do you get the ozone generator to release ozone? Simple; step on the foot pedal to open the "On/Off Port" and out it comes! Hands free operation is phenomenal for all professionals and the lab technician using the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator (or the Quantum 5).


Quite often we receive the question "Do I have to turn off my ozone generator from time to time to give it a rest, or to let it cool down?The answer is a resounding "NO". Run the Quantum 3 24 hours per day 7 days a week if you want to! Southern Star Scientific Ozone Generators can run all day long, never heat up, never need a "rest". We use only the highest quality electrical components coupled with state of the art circuit designs to create NEOS Technology™ - the most advanced ozone technology available in the world today. Highest quality components and cutting edge design ensures reliable worry free operation of your ozone system for many years to come. That's the "Legendary Longevity" our customers are familiar with!

Ultimate Quality = Ultimate Reliability = Your Peace of Mind!


Southern Star Scientific's Quantum 5 and Quantum 3 are the only North American ozone generators on the market with "On Demand" Ozone Output Ports. No ozone escapes the port until you activate the port by depressing the "Port Open" button, or by activating the Remote Control Foot switch. Whether you are filling a syringe, a bag, or sending the ozone to the destination through attached tubing, YOU are in complete control!


The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator offers the widest range of ozone concentrations in the world providing over 40 choices Precision Ozone levels up to to an amazing 120 ug/ml ozone concentration. These high levels are perfect for sterilization or making outstanding Ozonated Water. The lower levels are perfect for all of your precision ozone requirements for other protocols. Rest assured you have a Full Range of Ozone Concentrations and will be able to perform any ozone protocol from anywhere in the world


Automate your protocols. "The built in timer is like an extra set of hands, or an extra employee (that we don't have to pay!)" said one customer. Set the timer to turn off the ozone production for you, so you don't have to constantly watch the time. The built in digital timer will ensure that the ozone runs only as long as it is supposed to, then automatically shuts off the flow of the ozone. The Timer is not only Convenient for you, but it is also a handy Safety Feature. With the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator, we've thought of everything!


The attractive powder coated all metal cabinet protects all of the interior components of the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator on the inside, and also protects and shields YOU by ensuring no EMF fields reach the outside. This durable and attractive metal cabinet is just one more reason to trust the "Legendary Longevity" and High Quality of Southern Star Scientific products.


Our Customer Support Staff have been in the ozone industry far longer than virtually any other person or company in this industry today. Is that a good thing? Yes! Our staff are very knowledgeable about ozone and ozone systems, and are therefore able to quickly and easily provide you with easy to understand answers your questions. For over 25 years our staff have focused on providing clear, friendly, customer support has earned them the reputation of taking exceptional care of customers. You are not alone, as our Customer Support Team are always here to assist you with your questions with no expiry date, and no charge.


Longevity includes a Lifetime Warranty on our 100% Quartz Glass Electrode against any "burn out" or manufacturing defects. Since the Electrode is the heart of any and all ozone generators, you would think all companies in the industry would offer this warranty...but...Southern Star Scientific remains the only company in this industry with this warranty on the Electrode. We also offer 2 Year Warranty on all other electrical components. You may read our full Warranty details by clicking the link in the Footer. With ozone generators on the market that have been operating reliably for over 25 years without fail, you know you can trust the "Legendary Longevity" line of ozone generator to serve you well.




Special Features!

The World's only "2 Ozone Output Port" ozone generator! having two ozone generators in one! Talk about Value! The "On Demand" Ozone Output Port right on the front panel. No cumbersome external equipment necessary! The second port allows dual simultaneous ozone protocols.

26 Years on the Market!

Proven Quality

After 26 years of maintaining the reputation as the highest quality ozone generators on the world market we are excited to be able to continue the "Legendary Longevity" line of ozonation systems. With a reputation for pure contaminant free ozone production from such high quality reliable instruments you know your decision to purchase Southern Star Scientific ozone generators is the best decision to ensure your success!

Purest Ozone the world!

Quartz Glass Electrode

International unbiased experts from the "International Scientific Committee on Ozone" ( state clearly: "The best material from which to make ozone electrodes is Quartz Glass". To this day Southern Star Scientific is the only company using Quartz Glass Electrodes! If your goal is contaminant free ozone, call or email us today!

Best Warranty in Industry

Best in Class Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on Cold Corona Glass Electrode against "burnout" or manufacturer's defect and a 2 Year Warranty on all other electronics. 30 Day Money Back Return Policy. Over the past 26 Years the "Legendary Longevity" line has built a reputation for making all customers extremely happy. Relax, you're using "Legendary Longevity" products now!

We're Here to help!

Legendary Customer Support

After more than 26 years in the ozone business, our Southern Star Scientific staff have earned a reputation for providing Legendary Customer Support. Answers to your questions are always provided in a friendly manner by people who are wiling and eager to assist you.

Here to help!

Friendly Product Specialists

Southern Star Scientific Product Specialists are not "sales agents". Their ultimate goal is to have a pleasant conversation with you while directing you to the ozone generator and accessories you need to achieve your goal and remain within your budget. They simply, and sincerely enjoy helping people from around the world and have been doing so for over 26 years.. Warning: Friendly banter with our staff may result in you laughing and having a good time!

Fits Everywhere

Dimensions = Small Size!

4" H x 7" Wide x 13" Long (102 mm Hx 184mmW x 330mm L) Small but mighty! One of the smallest Table Top Ozone Generators in the world.

Strong Lightweight

Product Weight

Weighing in a only 7 pounds (3 kgs) the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator is ideal for Table Top use, mount it on any shelf on the wall, mount it vertically on the wall, or place on a shelf on a movable cart or pole. The All Metal cabinet protects the Quantum 3 wherever you use it.

Worldwide Power

Power Requirements

100 - 250 Volts AC, 50 - 60 Hz. Use Quantum 3 anywhere in the world! Energy consumption is negligible at 0.4 Amps, the lowest on the market. The Quantum 3 runs cool, accurate, and inexpensively. Is this magic? No, best in the world design & quality!

All Metal Cabinet!

Cabinet Construction

All metal cabinet not only acts as shielding from any and all EMF fields but is also extremely durable and high quality. No cheap plastic here!

Choose any Accessories!

Customize to your Needs and Budget!

Southern Star Scientific will choose from the widest range of high quality Ozone Accessories on the world market today. We'll help you to customize your Ozone Package to include the accessories that suit your needs!

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Destinations

We ship the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator Worldwide on a daily basis. Product is in stock and ready to ship immediately to all worldwide destinations (except Canada). Order today!

Call or Email Southern Star Scientific Today for More Information, Pricing, and to Purchase

Southern Star Scientific Staff are "Product Specialists" not "Sales Agents". They are here to answer questions and guide you to the products that suit your needs, and your budget. Just friendly discussion that we guarantee you will enjoy. This is what our staff call sour Legendary Southern Star Service that people have loved for over 26 years.