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It All Started Back in the Mid '90's..... It was clear the Ozone Industry Needed to Focus

What Makes Longevity's Ozone Generators So Unique?

What's so different about Longevity's Ozone Generators? Longevity realized way back in 1995 that Design and Engineering of Ozone Generators for UltraPure Applications must be focused on three (3) primary factors..... factors that no other manufacturers, to this day, are adequately addressing.

We call these...The Three Pillars or "P's" of O3:

Proof of Ozone Purity

Every company will claim that their ozone generators produce "UltraPure" Ozone. But can they prove it?  You should never use an ozone generator unless it has independently tested & certified and proven purity. A Purity Report, the result of Independent Laboratory Testing of Longevity's ozone, is provided with every Longevity Ozone Generator, proving the ozone truly is "UltraPure Contaminant Free "

Proof of Precision

Ozone Output Level Accuracy is so very important. The Longevity Ozone Output Report, accompanying each ozone generator, is created using the oxygen regulator that is sold with the generator, and exceeds international standards for accuracy=> accurate to an amazing 0.1 ug/ml. This provides Ultimate Accuracy of Ozone Concentration Selection and gives you confidence in your ozone equipment.

Proof of Quality

Longevity's Generators are approved to European CE Standards = Proven Quality.  Longevity also has had a 3rd party independent laboratory ( test our ozone generators and inspect our factory, earning a Certification to North American CSA and UL Standards. You can be confident when you purchase Longevity Products. We provide Quality plus PROOF of Quality.

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Building Trust for 25+ Years

We Love All of Our Customers! Home users, Professionals, Universities, Government Agencies and more! Check Out These Top Rated Laboratories!

If NASA and MIT trust Longevity for Quality, we are positive you will be thrilled with your purchase of Longevity products....

When you choose to purchase a Longevity product you are in good company. This is a small sampling of the wonderful companies who have purchased Longevity Ozone Generators, and trust Longevity to meet their needs for Quality, Safety, and Reliability. Many of them return for second, third, and fourth ozone generator as their needs expand. Imagine using the same ozone generator in your home or business, as NASA is using in their laboratories. Relax, with Longevity Resources you are in good company....

National Aeronautical and Space Administration
National Oceanic and Space Administration
California Technical Institute
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rutgers University
New Jersey Medical School
University of Colorado
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program
University of Detroit Mercy
School of Dentistry
Kent State

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Longevity Staff are "Product Specialists" not "Sales Agents". They are here to answer questions and guide you to the products that suit your needs, and your budget. Just friendly discussion that we guarantee you will enjoy. This is what we call our Legendary Longevity Service that people have loved for over 25 years.